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Define Silhouette

Merriam-Webster defines silhouette as

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Merriam-Webster defines silhouette as
My nan's side face silhouette picture as ink?
French after tienne de Silhouette (1709-1767), French finance minister
DPS Silhouette 7
Define Silhouette
Silhouette. Definition of Boundaries
Define Silhouette
In simpler words any object which is depicted in a background brighter than  its facing part is a silhouette. Some pictures would aid the definition:
 This picture shows an elephant which has an unilluminated front side but a  bright background. This is an example. Another example includes:
... to define a specific geometrical shape, a confine where the integral  parts of a physique are presented. You end up with a silhouette /contour/outline.
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Silhouette is very important to the DOTA2 style. Not only are the  silhouettes meant to define the character body type, but the concept art  all starts with a ...
A common word used in the Fashion world is FASHION SILHOUETTE. When  referring to the fashion silhouette, they are talking about the OUTLINE of  the CLOTHING.
Define Silhouette
Underneath the silhouette, the words Playful, Friendly & Obedient define  the ultimate personality traits of a English Springer Spaniel.
Silhouette. Silhouette. Definition of Boundaries
Photography[edit]. Silhouette ...
In Illustrator you're basically making a line with points that define  change in direction. You want to have as few points as possible in order  for your ...
[countable, uncountable] a drawing of something or someone, often from the  side, showing a black shape against a light background silhouette pictures  of ...
The silhouette of a woman.
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silhouette photo tips
A Guide to What Suits Your Shape  the 6 Dress Silhouettes Defined
Step 1: Define the Silhouette