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Large House Cats

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These cats, who are known for being active and adventurous, first appeared  in the 1980s, when a domestic feline gave birth to a kitten that was  fathered by ...
If you love big, cuddly cats, one of these 10 breeds may make the perfect  pet for you!
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The Asher breed was bred by crossing the African serval, an Asian leopard  cat and the domestic cat. The length of these magnificent animals is up to  a meter ...
One story states the Maine Coon is a crossbreed between a Lynx and a  Raccoon. But the real origin lays in crossbreeds between big long-haired domestic  cats.
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Large domestic cat breeds
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large domestic house cat breeds Car Tuning
Although it looks wild, the Ocicat is a domestic house cat. - An average  Ocicat male is relatively large and can weigh somewhere around 12 to 13  pounds.
Life with cats feels like this sometimes.
Siberian award winning cat Alexandra
Huge Cat
But it's Friday and I found this photo of a freakishly large cat that I  wanted to share with you.
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